Mitarbeiter CaDo Medical Solutions GmbH
The Team of CaDo Medical Solutions GmbH

Cado Medical was founded in 2017 by Dr. Elsässer and has set itself the goal of developing innovative technical solutions for urology.

„Hey Doc, there must be someone out there who has a solution!” 

That’s what I often get to hear when I conduct an emergency visit to a patient with pain from a blocked catheter. My name is Dr. David Elsaesser, I am a urologist working together with 2 colleagues in a specialist practice in Erlangen, an university city in the heart of Bavaria near Nuremberg. Often urine catheters get blocked by detritus, mainly caused by deposits of salts and infectous compounds. Sometimes the problem can be solved by flushing the catheter with saline solutions – but often this is no longer possible. Consequently, the catheter has to be changed immediately to avoid pain and severe secondary diseases like sepsis or kidney failure. In many cases a qualified person who could change the catheter is not available in home care or nursing home situations. Even more challenging is the problem, when the patient has a suprapubic cathether system, which in Germany has to be changed by a medical doctor himself or under his supervision.

So here is the solution.

The CADO system offers the opportunity to clean a blocked catheter in a safe, hygienic and comfortable way by using a mobile device together with specific disposable material. The cleaning process can be conducted by any trained person after a quick introduction, which is provided by online tutorials. After application of the CADO system, the catheter can further be used until routine change.

We deliver and innovate solutions for urology. Technology made in Germany.

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Bavarian government funded the company and its promising undertaking

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German ministry of economy funded the consulting services for the support of development and market launch

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