The CADO system consists of 2 components, the CADO device and the CADO working insert. Both are necessary for a successful cleaning procedure. Once purchased, the CADO device can be used over years, whereas the CADO working insert is a single use article with an attractive and affordable pricing.

CaDo device is a high quality medical device, developed and assembled in Germany. The device comes in a stable, easy to clean storage box and is equipped with a Li-Ion battery, which allows multiple catheter cleaning procedures independent of a mains connection. All working steps are accompanied on a coloured, easy to read display. A modern USB-C interface allows recharging of the battery and an online connection to the manufacturer for support and software updates.

Product features:

  • Battery life is sufficient for several applications at the bedside, perfect for emergencies
  • Stored in protected case
  • Compact dimensions and high-quality design
  • Easy operation with only 3 functional buttons

The CaDo working insert is a high-quality, sterile article for single use and consists of the working wire with an innovative cleaning head, a T-piece for connecting the catheter to the CADO device as well as an urine bag to collect the accumulated bladder urine after successful cleaning. After removing the disposable material, the catheter can be reconnected to the permanently used drain bag.

Product features:

  • Sterile packaging for clean application
  • Includes urine bag and T-piece for user protection
  • Suitable for catheter size French 12, 14 and 16

You may only use CaDo system with CaDo approved urine catheters. Approvement is assured by optical marking of appropriate urine catheters.

Advantage: The cleaning can be carried out by the patient himself or by relatives in private households or by staff in nursing homes