Urine catheter cleaning – made easy

The CADO system offers the opportunity to clean a blocked catheter in a safe, hygienic and comfortable way by using a mobile device. The cleaning process can be conducted by any trained person after a quick introduction, which is provided by online tutorials. Thousands of patients wait for an innovation in the urology sector.

The cleaning procedure can be carried out by the patient himself or by relatives

CADO can help save time and money

The CaDo device is a high quality medical device, developed and assembled in Germany. The device comes in a stable, easy to clean storage box and is equipped with a Li-Ion battery. All working steps are accompanied on a coloured, easy to read display. The CaDo working insert is a high-quality, sterile article for single use and consists of the working wire with an innovative cleaning head, a T-piece for connecting the catheter to the CADO device as well as an urine bag to collect the accumulated bladder urine after successful cleaning.

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